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Hemp is a Sensible, Sustainable, Highly-Industrializable Plant

We should utilize it. Hemp could solve many problems.

END PROHIBITION. It is NOT just about smoking.


And you forgot a big one: it is excellent at trapping carbon! Plants pull the carbon dioxide out of the air, turn the carbons into other compounds and release the oxygen, thus cooling the planet.




It is John’s habit to pull the door closed by the knocker, making it hang to the left.  But notice that Sherlock’s practice is not to adjust the knocker to the left, but to the right. He’s annoyed to see that Mycroft has straightened it.  To Sherlock’s mind, it should hang to the right if he is at home with John, or to the left, if John is out. 

These little tiny details are what take this show to some next level shit.


Art by yours truly.

Finally I get to reveal what I’ve been secretly after for a while!

Yup! I’ma give these babies away to people because I love giving away shinies.

  • Bonbon the Chespin ♀ - Adamant - Mischievous
  • Taffy the Fennekin ♂ - Modest - Mischievous
  • Fizzy the Froakie ♂ - Naughty - Takes plenty of siestas

All three babies were bred for, so they are all completely untouched. :3

So, this time I’ll have 3 ‘places’ instead of just one. Here’s what you get!

  • 1st place - Gets to choose whichever one of the three they want.
  • 2nd place - Gets to choose one out of the two left.
  • 3rd place - Gets the last shiny baby.

Alrighty! So now down to the rules.

  • 1 Reblog and 1 Like per entrant
  • You don’t have to be following me for this giveaway. However, if you are you get special bonuses! I will offer to change the nickname of the baby for you to whatever you’d like, as well as EV train them for you in whichever ways you’d like them trained.
  • Leave your ask box open so I may contact you if you win, of course!

Giveaway ends on November 25th. All winners are required to respond me within 24 hours or someone else will be chosen.

Good luck everybody.~



I have been wanting to do a giveaway for a while, and I figure that this is the perfect chance!

I will pick three names (or four depending on if I get an extra shiny)! First name picked gets the first choice of prize, the second name gets second choice, and the last name will get whatever is left! DEPENDING on whether I get another good chain going, I might put my Shiny Furfrou as an option as well!

The prizes you can choose from are:

  • The three Kalos legendaries (Yveltal, Xerneas, Zygarde)
  • ALL the Kalos and Kanto starters with Hidden Abilities
  • Several Vivillon, INCLUDING SANDSTORM AND MONSOON (two of the rarest!)
  • And possibly Shiny Furfrou or Shiny Skiddo!

Of course, there are a few rules for this giveaway:

  • NO GIVEAWAY BLOGS (though I do appreciate if fellow Pokemon blogs reblog this)
  • Reblogs and Likes both count, BUT only follower Likes will count (if you aren’t following me and you Like this, I won’t count it as an entry)
  • This being said, if you follow me you can enter TWICE, if you don’t follow me, you can only enter ONCE

I will announce the winners on December 4th (I wish I could do my birthday on the 3rd, but I am at university all day)! Winners will be given 48hrs to reply!

Have fun! c:


PokemonResource’s Shiny Giveaway

I recently hatched these two beautiful Pokemon and, since I have no use for them, I have decided to give them away to two lucky tumblr users. The first winner will get their choice of shiny, and the second winner will get the other shiny!

Espurr is Modest with the ability Own Tempo, and Max IVs in Def/SpA/SpD/Spe
The Eevee is Timid with the ability Run Away and Max IVs in HP/Def/SpA/Spe

Giveaway Rules
1) Anyone can reblog, but only followers’ likes count.
2) No giveaway/sideblogs permitted.
3) Must have an open ask box and a Pokemon X/Y Friend Code!
4) Maximum of 1 prize per person.

Giveaway Ends December 10th, Midday GMT


(Contains the Animated Show and Comics; To be updated as needed)

Season 1: Slumber Party Panic ⋅ Trouble in Lumpy Space ⋅ Prisoners of Love ⋅ Tree Trunks ⋅ The Enchiridion! ⋅ The Jiggler ⋅ Ricardio the Heart Guy ⋅ Business Time ⋅ My Two Favorite People ⋅ Memories of Boom Boom Mountain ⋅ Wizard ⋅ Evicted! ⋅ City of Thieves ⋅ The Witch’s Garden ⋅ What is Life ⋅ Ocean of Fear ⋅ When Wedding Bells Thaw ⋅ Dungeon ⋅ The Duke ⋅ Freak City ⋅ Donny ⋅ Henchman ⋅ Rainy Day Daydream ⋅ What Have You Done ⋅ His Hero Gut Grinder

Season 2: It Came from the Nightosphere ⋅ The Eyes ⋅ Loyalty to the King ⋅ Blood Under the Skin ⋅ Storytelling ⋅ Slow Love ⋅ Power Animal ⋅ Crystals Have Power ⋅ The Other Tarts ⋅ To Cut a Woman’s Hair ⋅ The Chamber of Frozen Blades ⋅ Her Parents ⋅ The Pods ⋅ The Silent King ⋅ The Real You ⋅ Guardians of Sunshine ⋅ Death in Bloom ⋅ Susan Strong ⋅ Mystery Train ⋅ Go With Me ⋅Belly of the Beast ⋅ The Limit ⋅ Video Makers ⋅ Heat Signature ⋅ Mortal Folly ⋅ Mortal Recoil

Season 3: Conquest of Cuteness ⋅ Morituri Te Salutamus ⋅ Memory of a Memory ⋅ Hitman ⋅ Too Young ⋅ The Monster ⋅ Still ⋅ Wizard Battle ⋅ Fionna and Cake ⋅ What Was Missing ⋅ Apple Thief ⋅ The Creeps ⋅ From Bad to Worse ⋅ Beautopia ⋅ No One Can Hear You ⋅ Jake Vs. Me-Mow ⋅ Thank You ⋅ The New Frontier ⋅ Holly Jolly Secrets ⋅ Marceline’s Closet ⋅ Paper Pete ⋅ Another Way ⋅ Ghost Princess ⋅ Dad’s Dungeon ⋅ Incendium

Season 4: Hot to the Touch ⋅ Five Short Graybles ⋅ Web Weirdos ⋅ Dream of Love ⋅ They Went to the Nightosphere ⋅ Daddy’s Little Monster ⋅ In Your Footsteps ⋅ Hug Wolf ⋅ Princess Monster Wife ⋅ Goliad ⋅ Beyond This Earthly Realm ⋅ Gotcha ⋅ Princess Cookie ⋅ Card Wars ⋅ Son of Mars ⋅ Burning Low ⋅ B-Mo Noire ⋅ King Worm ⋅ Lady & Peebles ⋅ You Made Me! ⋅ Who Would Win ⋅ Ignition Point ⋅ The Hard Easy ⋅ Reign of Gunters ⋅ I Remember You ⋅ The Lich

Season 5: Finn the Human + Jake the Dog ⋅ Five More Short Graybles + Up a Tree ⋅ All the Little People + Jake the Dad Davey + Mystery Dungeon ⋅ Bad Little Boy + All Your Fault ⋅ Little Dude + Vault of Bones ⋅ The Great Bird Man + Simon and Marcy Glitch is a Glitch + Puhoy ⋅ B-MO Lost + Princess Potluck ⋅ James Baxter the Horse Shh! ⋅ The Suitor Party’s Over, Isla de Señorita ⋅ One Last Job ⋅ Another Five More Short Graybles Candy Streets ⋅ Wizards Only, Fools Jake Suit  Be MoreSky Witch ⋅ Frost & Fire Too Old Earth & Water

Comics: (In order to read these, you will need to download and install ComicRack) Adventure Time (#1-17) Marceline & The Scream Queens (#1-6)  Fionna and Cake (#1-6)

This list of episodes is up to date. I will update the post as new episodes air. All of the episodes are in 720p. I’ve also included download links to all of the comics that have been released. I will also update them as soon as the new issues are scanalated. Enjoy!

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